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Ikea's Failsafe Bake in the Oven Parchment Paper Recipes

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Ikea's Failsafe Bake in the Oven Parchment Paper Recipes

Just when we thought we'd finally nailed Ikea's famous furniture assembly instructions, along they come to confound us in the kitchen.

Named "Cook This Page" Ikea have produced a series of simple recipes printed onto parchment paper, which then get wrapped around the recipe ingredients and baked in the oven with them; no waste, no recipe books cluttering up the kitchen and no room for error.

Those still reeling from tackling a Billy bookcase needn't be afraid. These instructions look more like a simple game of paint by numbers, meaning getting your freshly baked meal on the table should be a guarantee rather than a possibility.

Each parchment paper recipe has the guidelines set out in edible ink, in iconic Ikea style. The actual space to be filled by each specified ingredient is outlined, leaving manually dextrous home cooks to fiddle with filling in the gaps, roll up the parchment paper with ingredients inside, finally popping them in the oven and then eating.

Take a look:

Recipes include shrimp (main image), ravioli with swedish meatballs (below) and salmon with lemon and herbs.

While the parchment paper recipes are not for sale yet, they were actually created as part of an event promotion with Canada Ikea and Toronto marketing company Leo Burnett, we think there is every chance the Swedish furniture giant could introduce them into stores in the future.

Take a look and decide if you could see if you think this is the future of cook books:

Step 1 

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


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