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Watch This Artist Knit with Ramen Noodles

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Watch This Artist Knit with Ramen Noodles
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If you've ever decided to knit a scarf, you'll know it's not always as easy it looks ... dropped stitches, tight stitches, holes and general unevenness are just a few of the problems that can haunt the amateur enthusiast ... but how about making things that bit more complicated ... how about swopping that yarn for ramen noodles?

It might seem farfetched, but for 23 year old Singapore based Indonesian artist Cynthia Suwito knitting noodles, instead of yarn, was a deliberate choice. In fact it forms the centrepiece of her art installation of a loop video projecting her in action, very slowly and meticulously knittting cooked ramen noodles into an impressive length of edible 'scarf'.

Contradicting the 21st Century's hectic pace she reflects on her website: “It contrasts the concept of the preciousness of time ...Putting an object that symbolizes[s] the need of having a fast or even instant result but needing a long time to create such result and keep on slowly knitting it to perfection. The project aims to slow viewers down."

It's got us hooked. There's something strangely therapeutic about the slowness and precision of each and every one of artist Suwito's stitches that make you will her on to avoid breaking the fragile ramen and having to start again.

Take a look and see if it makes you slow down...

Watch the enchanting process of making noodles

Via Food & Drink, Laughing Squid

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