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10 Quick and Easy Microwave Mug Recipes To Try

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10 Quick and Easy Microwave Mug Recipes To Try

How has the microwave oven changed our approach to cooking? Even though it has not entirely replaced the conventional oven, it is certainly very handy for defrosting and heating food or cooking and boiling vegetables. But when you know how, it's even possible to cook traditional dishes using the microwave: from lasagna to roast potatoes, all you need is a ceramic mug or cup and a few ingredients to make tasty microwave mug recipes, single portions for all sorts of occasions, comprising  a sweet midnight snack.


A cooked breakfast or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? All you need to prepare a quiche in a mug are a few minutes and the following ingredients: egg, tomatoes, soft butter, bread, salt, pepper, milk, cheese and chives. Beat the egg in a cup and then add the salt and other ingredients: cook for one minute in the microwave at the highest setting and the quiche is ready to eat. There are more recipes for quiche you can follow or just use your own imagination. (photo: fullthymestudent)


A quick lunch can even be rustled up in the office: beat two eggs in a cup with two spoonfuls of milk, salt, pepper and spices to taste, followed by two spoonfuls of cheese. Hey presto! The mixture is ready to go into the microwave at the highest setting for a time that can vary between 45 seconds and one and a half minutes. Once the eggs are soft and cooked through, a sprinkling of grated cheese will make this recipe even more delicious. (photo: wherethecookiesare)


When you are feeling a bit peckish before dinner or need to accompany a nice glass of wine, it calls for a satisfying snack, better still if vaguely Mexican in flavour. Take a cup and beat one egg in it, together with a spoonful of milk, salt and pepper and one spoonful of cheese. Then sprinkle some crushed tortillas on top of the mixture together with some tomato sauce or rocho, but also sour cream, chives or chopped onion. At this point, pop the cup into the microwave for around one minute at the highest setting. Garnish with the remaining tortillas and some more sauce, sour cream and onion. Enjoy. (food: food.allwomenstalk)


How often has your craving for sugar been damped by the idea of having to toil over a hot stove? Times have changed! In order to make a crème caramel in just ten minutes, you will need a cup with sugar, water, an egg, milk and vanilla essence. The recipe is kid’s play and the method may seem laborious but is actually quite easy. Here are all the steps given on the blog Rikasgarden.


American dreams of velvet? All you need are 4 spoonfuls of flour, 2 of sugar, half a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa and a pinch of baking soda. You will also require an egg, two spoonfuls of milk, half a spoonful of oil, one spoonful of yogurt and a little red food colouring. Serve it with whipped cream or a US-style cream cheese. Mix all the ingredients in the cup and microwave for one minute at the highest setting. Once the cup is cool, place it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow the cake to solidify well, then serve decorated with whipped cream. (photo: kirbiecravings)


Would you love to amaze your guests with a contemporary-style gourmet dessert in a cup? The perfect solution is an upside down cheesecake. Take a cup and add 2 spoonfuls of confectioners’ sugar, 2 spoonfuls of sour cream, 3 spoonfuls of cream cheese and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a little vanilla extract and half a beaten egg. Then mix everything together. Also in this case, cook for one minute in the microwave at the highest setting. When the time is up, open the oven door for 20 seconds and then resume cooking for a further 45 seconds. The dessert should be left to rest for approximately 10 minutes and then placed in a refrigerator for two hours. What makes it an “upside down” cheesecake is the fact that the dry biscuits, wafer biscuits or whatever, normally used for the base, are added in the same way as a crumble topping. Serve with whipped cream, a couple of forest fruits, strawberries or even a few coffee beans. (photo: yourlighterside)


Chocolate makes up for a lack of affection, but panna cotta works equally well. To make a single portion, you will need 50 ml of cream, 30 g of milk, one spoonful of sugar and a sheet of gelatine. While the gelatine is softening in water, mix the cream with the milk and sugar and put everything into a cup in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes at 750W. As soon as it starts to bubble, switch off and add the softened gelatine, mix and place in the fridge for approximately 3 hours. Serve with chocolate sauce, forest fruit purée, caramel, or with pomegranate syrup. (photo: velafarms)


Just a few ingredients and one minute in the microwave at the highest setting for a perfect breakfast treat. A quarter of a cup flour, 2 spoonfuls of sugar, a pinch of baking powder and a pinch of baking soda with 3 spoonfuls of milk, one cup of oil and a handful of blueberries. Mix all the ingredients, except for the blueberries, in the cup. The fruit will be added to a cream made from one teaspoon of butter, half a teaspoon of flour, two teaspoons of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, and placed on top of the muffin mixture before everything goes into the microwave. Let it cool for a few seconds otherwise you will burn your tongue and ruin your good mood. Try it with a thousand possible variations. (photo: kirbiecravings)


What can you do with that forlorn-looking apple standing in the fruit bowl? Here is a 3 minute solution: two apple pies in a cup to be cooked in the microwave. You will need: the juice of half a lemon and a little grated rind, two spoonfuls of sugar, 4 spoonfuls of butter, 2 spoonfuls of milk, a pinch of salt, half a packet of baking powder for cakes and a sprinkling of icing sugar. If  you really want to go overboard, line the buttered cup with puff pastry and fill it with the small pieces of apple mixed with sugar, milk and lemon juice and a small piece of butter. Cut out a pastry lid to cover the cup. If you have missed any steps, here is the computer graph of the recipe for a conventional oven.


It used to be the famous midnight plate of spaghetti, but we can give a gourmet twist to old habits and opt for a soft-centred brownie, even in its gluten-free version. Take a cup and add sugar until it is one quarter full, then add a quarter of flour and two spoonfuls of cocoa powder, a pinch of salt, two spoonfuls of oil and one egg. Mix all the ingredients well to eliminate any lumps and place one or two pieces of dark or milk chocolate (or a centre filled chocolate) at the heart of the mixture. The cup should be placed in the microwave for one and a half minutes at the highest setting. Serve it immediately, with whipped cream and garnished with a berry. Hallelujah. (photo: theyummylife) 

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