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5 Asian Themed Rice Desserts to Satisfy this Summer

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5 Asian Themed Rice Desserts to Satisfy this Summer

Rice puddings are usually considered as a comfort food for their soothing and satisfying creaminess, wrapped up in childhood memories and usually eaten in winter. 

We have collected 5 recipes to appeal to all levels of homecooks to convince you that rice desserts are also suitable for the summer. Thai and Indian flavours give the rice puddings a delicious twist along with the addition of tropical fruit.

1) Sweet sticky rice with fruit (see image above)

Ideal for vegans this traditional Thai dessert only uses four ingredients; coconut milk, rice, mango and nectarines.

2) Coconut rice with mango slices

A seductively creamy dish using coconut milk the results may look simple, but this is comfort food for summer.

3) Mango Kheer (Indian rice pudding)

This Indian version of rice pudding uses rosewater, pistachios, cardamom, almonds, saffron taking a traditional Western rice pudding to another level.

4) Rice pudding with coconut

An elegant rice dessert served in its own rammekin, this one is ideal for dinner parties.

5) Cream of basmati rice with carrots, lime, hazlenut crunch, and puffed rice

Chef Omar Allievi's creation, this dish has 4 separate components that you will need to master separately to achieve the finished result, which we think you'll agree is worth it.

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