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12 Delicious Raw Beef Dishes from Around the World

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12 Delicious Raw Beef Dishes from Around the World

Raw beef is a dish served around the world, including Europe, Asia, South America, North America and the Middle East. Whether the beef is minced, thinly sliced, marinated, smoked or spiced, the prime raw material lends itself to a variety of techniques and flavours.

What makes the extra difference is using high-quality fresh tender beef that delivers on delicate flavours. From Fassone beef from Piedmont, Italy, delicious served 'crudo' or raw with shavings of the region's white truffle, to the Japanese delicacy of marbled wagyu beef in Japan, selecting the best beef available makes the dish.

The folk at Food Republic have put a handy guide together to 12 countries showing just how differently raw beef is enjoyed depending on its cultural context, from the classic Steak Tartare (France) and Italian beef carpaccio to Ethiopian kitfo and Lebanese Kibbeh Naye. Take a look and see which are new on you.

To get you started here are three raw beef recipes from chefs to whet your appetite – enjoy!

Beef Sashimi and Foie Gras

An easy and tasty beef sashimi recipe with foie gras shared by Matias Perdomo from Milan.

Beef Nicoise

Nicoise is given an Italian twist in this recipe for fresh beef steak tartare with eggs and vegetables by chef Andrea Aprea.

Grilled Bread with Raw Beef, Bone Marrow and Horseradish 

Try this simple sandwich recipe from Andreas Dahlberg and Wade Brown, chefs at 'Bastard' restaurant: with raw beef, horseradish and watercress set on a slice of bread.


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