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Two Ultimate Guides to Growing and Cooking with Herbs at Home

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Two Ultimate Guides to Growing and Cooking with Herbs at Home

If you've always considered growing your own herbs or taking advantage of the health and culinary benefit of herbs in your cookery these are two newly published guides that will motivate you to start out on your heady journey.

We take a quick look inside both below:

1) A Handful of Herbs: Inspiring Ideas for Gardening, Cooking and Decorating Your Home With Herbs by Barbara Segall, Louise Pickford, Rose Hammick 

If you're can't wait to get started on growing your own herbs at home, this is the guide for you.

A Handful of Herbs embraces the aromatic world of herbs by exploring both their 'beauty and variety' in any number of creative ways from planting up your garden to decorating your home.

Beginners won't feel overwhelmed as the guide profiles just 20 of the most popular varieties of herb and kitchen favourites from basil to thyme. Readers are taught how to identify, grow and cook with them.

Alongside the growing advice are also 35 recipes for cooking with herbs across all culinary uses, from snacks and sweets to infused oils and herbal teas.

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Published: February 11, 2016
Available from: Amazon


2) National Geographic Complete Guide to Herbs and Spices: Remedies, Seasonings, and Ingredients to Improve Your Health and Enhance Your Life

Rather than calling on our green fingers this encyclopaedic guide is a broad reference guide that informs and inspires.

Over 100 types of herbs, spices and seasoning are referenced regardless of whether you grow your own or purchase from the supermarket.

"Learn to use lavender to soothe headaches, plant your own mint for a refreshing addition to any tea, or whip up a batch of Dutch cinnamon cookies. " 

Offering up scientific and practical advice on each herb and spice along with colourful photography this is a guide for storing amongst your cookbooks and referring to as and when you come across a new or interesting herb or spice.

Available from Amazon or National Geographic
Due out: 1st March 2016


If you're looking for an easy way to grow herbs try this fuss free aerogarden that relies on technology that relies on technology rather than green fingers.

Short on recipes to get started straight away? Try these 10 wonderful ways of cooking with herbs.

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