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Eggless Tips: How to Make Batter Without Eggs

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Eggless Tips: How to Make Batter Without Eggs

Eggless batter is a valid vegan substitute for the traditional batter used to fry fish, vegetables or meat: the basic mixture is the same – water and flour – but there are as many variations as there are possible additional ingredients. 

Here are some cooking tips for making a 100% vegan eggless batter:

- Mix 200 g flour and salt to taste in a bowl and then slowly add mineral water. It is important to dose the water carefully to obtain a consistency that is smooth and fluid but not liquid: in fact the batter must completely coat the pieces of food, but the amount in excess has to drip off.

- To make your fried foods nice and crisp on the outside it is necessary to use very cold water or to add ice: in fact, the thermal shock, when in contact with boiling oil, will ensure that the fried morsels do not absorb too much fat. Alternatively, you can leave the mixture to rest in the refrigerator for half an hour, giving it a stir from time to time. 

- To give more substance to the batter, you can add a teaspoon of unsweetened baking powder or 1 gram of baking soda

- One variation on the theme of eggless batter contemplates the addition of beer, which also makes fried foods tastier and gives them a characteristic flavour. 

- Another minor variation consists in using durum flour instead of 00-type flour.

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