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How Restaurant Napkins Are Made

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How Restaurant Napkins Are Made

There’s lots happening in restaurants that most diners never pay attention to, but if they did—if they looked at the plates, the cutlery, the art, the finish of the taps in the bathroom—then they’d realise there’s a whole opera taking place. An opera that many people never notice. 

This video, produced by Mind of a Chef, focuses on those exact type of details through the eyes of chef Gabrielle Hamilton. The chef, who owns the Prune restaurant in New York, is apparently obsessed with a particular napkin she once saw at the Antica Trattoria Della Pesa restaurant in Milan.

The production team say it was all about the “subtle stitching” of the napkin, and that they too became obsessed with the chef’s enthusiasm. The video shows their subsequent visit to Rivolta Carmignani, in Macherio just outside Milan, where the napkins are made.

The resulting video shows the process behind just one of the overlooked details you will come across in great restaurants, if you start to look for them. It reveals how the Napkins are made, from the first string to the final stitch, and what gives them the unique finish Hamilton says she likes so much.

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