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Heston's New Range of Sleek BBQs Has Outdoor Cooking Covered

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Heston's New Range of Sleek BBQs Has Outdoor Cooking Covered

Chef Heston Blumenthal has teamed up with an Australian company to add his trademark expertise to a new range of ultra modern BBQs that have got us dreaming of some spectacular outdoor cooking this summer.

Whether he was inspired by his stint with his pop-up restaurant in Australia, where firing up the barbie is national habit, or appealing to the growing appetite for grilling, all we know is Heston is set on re-defining BBQs as we know them and his Everdure BBQ range is up to the challenge.

“As a three Michelin star chef, if I was to start a new genre of three Michelin star barbeques that’s what this range would be and that’s what this range is,” Heston comments.

Listen to his story here:

Taking Heston's 20 years of culinary experience coupled with his unique scientific approach to cooking and combining it with technical expertise this is the new sleek range of gas and charcoal BBQs that could be a game changer come grilling season.

The range comes in a variety of sizes, from the mighty Hub (big enough to spit roast a 40kg hog) to the dinky portable Cube (for portable beach BBQing), and are equipped with some unique technical features, like a handy ignition button for automatically lighting the charcoal BBQ.

Where can I buy an Everdure?

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is now available to purchase in stores in Australia as well as in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Nordic countiries as well as in John Lewis in the UK. Check here for current stockists. [Update: as of Summer 2018, they're also available in the US]. 


Find Heston's Recipe for BBQ wings here


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