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A Fun Pictorial Guide to Food History Though the Ages

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A Fun Pictorial Guide to Food History Though the Ages

Ever wondered about where sandwiches came from, when we got habitualised to three meals a day and if indeed oranges have always been ... orange?

There's alot to learn about how our food evolved, and 'Food History' looks like the novel guide to lay down the answers to several of these fascinating food questions, anomalies and more.  The Spanish team, Papila, behind the new stylistic guide let us in on how the Earl of Sandwich's desire to continue playing cards resulted in a piece of meat to being put between two slices of bread, aka the sandwich, and the Ancient Greeks began our three meals a day habit, and oranges were believe it or not once ... green.

No cooking pot gets left unturned in the chronological culinary landmarks of time skipping through Palaeolithic to Neolithic, Metal Age to Middle Ages, finishing with the Contemporary Era in a fun and pictorial style.

Find out the culinary milestones in our relationship with food from the beginnings of cooking on fire and fermenting foods. Only to return to our culinary beginnings once again.

The Spanish authors are currently seeking funding for 'Food History' through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to bring their new Spanish and English edition to publish, a pledge of $20 will get you an early bird edition of the book.

The team take you for a closer look:

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