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Here's An Epic Tool For Cutting Watermelon

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Here's An Epic Tool For Cutting Watermelon
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Biting into juicy watermelon is one of the best ways to cool off in the summer. What's not cool is having to hack at the watermelon with a knife in order to get evenly sliced portions. Luckily, cutting watermelon just got so much easier.

Enter this awesome tool for cutting watermelon. Called Angurello (after anguria, the Italian name for watermelon), this epic kitchen gadget is a mix between a mini slicer and tongs. It yields beautiful thick slices of watermelon that are perfectly uniform. No more fighting to get the biggest piece of melon!

Just cut the watermelon in half then use the Angurello to slice up the colorful interior. Easy, right? This tool is definitely a must-have for summer picnics.

Watch the melon cutter in action and swing by here to purchase it.

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