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14 of the Best Lunch Boxes

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14 of the Best Lunch Boxes

When it comes to taking your lunch to work, you might have the healthy menus nailed, but have you got the best lunch boxes to put them in?

If you're using outdated tupperware or makeshift bowls, you're missing out on an innovative and attractive world of other lunchbox options. From the retro to the futurisitic and the eco to the modern, the lunch box options are endless.

Adding some extra colour, functionality or general flair to your lunchtime offering will help give your office lunch an extra edge, turning pack up into a pleasure. 

Here are 14 of the best lunch boxes out there:

1. The all in One

Design, functionality and practicality combine effortlessly in this lunch box from Tiger. There's room for two courses, plus a thermos and chopsticks with which to eat your sushi or your Cantonese rice, and it all packs away into a handy waterproof bag.

Find the Tiger Thermal Lunch Box here


2. Double Wall Bowl

For those non sandwich days, salads and soups are perfect to pack into this bowl with a handy double wall for extra stability and insualation a resealable lid with attachable eating utensil. 

Find it here

3.The Eco LunchboxGoing for the bohemian look? Try this 'eco' lunchbox wrapped up in a printed cloth the tin containers even come with their own bamboo fork. 

Find it here

4. The 'Connected' Lunchbox

Magnetic cutlery, leak free plastic module containers and an eating mat complete the sleek desk lunch look for these high tech understated bento style box where a series of apps will help you create new and healthy lunchtime solutions.

Find more info here.


5. The Lunch Box with a Chopping Board

A perfect solution for a little desk-side prep to finish off any last minute chopping or slicing you didn't have time to do in the morning with a bamboo lid that doubles as a handy cutting board. A silicone seal and elastic strap will keep the whole thing from coming apart in transit.

Find it here


6. For the Sandwich Free Day

Pasta, soup, rice, salad, noodlles and more can all be yours in the Lunch Plot that has two cylindrical containers and a fork/spoon.

Black + Blum Lunch Pot


7. The Brown Paper Bag

If you want to go for the tongue in cheek lunchtime look this brown bag re-useable bag is the perfect look for your simple fresh cut sandwiches.

Find it here


8. The FoodSkin for Sandwiches

Your sandwich will be as as snug as a bug in this sandwich skin keeping it under wraps and fresh ready for lunchtime.

Compleat Food Skin

9. The Wooden Bento Box Look

Going for the authentic tactile approach to lunchtime. Try this good looking wooden bento box giving you an edge over 'plastic' lunches.

Find it here

10. The Vintage Lunchbox

If you love the retro look try this classic three in one lunch box that's both environmentally friendly and practical. It'll last well and look even better for a few dints and marks from heavy lunchtime usage over the years.

 Find it here

11. The Modular Design

Called Kazeya Bento, what this box lacks in comfort or size it makes up for in design. Mainly if you love geometric patterns - or chess.

Find it here


12. The Futuristic Bento Box

Feeling like in a sci- fi movie extract your lunch from a metallic monolith: this metallic Bento Box  hides the three compartments inside, two by volume of 200 ml and the third 250 ml. 

Find it here


13. The Fruit Shaped Lunch Box

If you like a bit of colour on your desk try these ultra simple plastic  containers that simply fit you sandwich inside that can be flipped open and used as a temporary dish.

 Find it here

14. The Heated Bento Box

Prefer your lunch re-heated and want total independence from the office kitchen? Try plugging in this electric bento box half an hour before you're hungry allowing you to enjoy steaming hot rice which is ready when you are. 

Find it here

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