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Shooting up – The Rise of Bamboo Shoots

01 June, 2020
Bamboo Shoots

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What is the nutritional information of bamboo shoots?

Rich in fibre and low in calories, bamboo shoots contain a fair amount of nutrients and minerals. A serving size of one cup (151g) contains just 42 calories, 0.5g of fat, 3.9g of protein and a whopping 805mg of potassium (about 23% of the daily recommended value). Bamboo shoots are also rich in vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and iron, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Researchers also attribute anti-cancerous properties to bamboo shoots and have found this humble vegetable helps lower blood pressure.

What are the ways to eat bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots are an easy way to bulk up a meal but they also make for a lovely main dish. Fans of bamboo shoots add them to everything, from simple salads and rice dishes, to spice-laced curries, fragrant soups, and even eggs.

Bamboo shoots cooking tips

When working with fresh bamboo shoots you should always peel off their fibrous exterior. The shoots are toxic when raw, so it is important they are cooked thoroughly - at least 20 minutes of simmering/boiling time is recommended. Chef’s tip: bamboo shoots will be done when they no longer taste bitter.

Canned bamboo shoots have already been processed so they can be cooked for just a few minutes until warmed.

Bamboo Shoots Cooking: 5 Video Recipes You’ll Love

Chinese-style bamboo shoots

If you are new to bamboo shoots you’ll appreciate this comprehensive tutorial for preparing Chinese-style bamboo shoots stewed with soy sauce. This video recipe guides you step-by-step through the peeling, chopping and cooking of fresh bamboo shoots. An essential video for beginners.

Bamboo Shoot Curry

You’ll find a myriad of bamboo shoot curries prepared throughout Southeast Asia. Some are infused with coconut (as is the case in Thailand), others contain fiery Indian spices like the recipe below:

Bamboo Shoot Salad

This flavourful salad is studded with pork belly, shrimp, aromatic shallots, fresh mint, and sesame seeds. It’s a great way to use any fresh bamboo shoots you have on hand.

Seasoned Bamboo Shoot (Menma)

Seasoned bamboo shoots are a tasty lacto-fermented ramen noodle topping. They are called menma and usually require a lot of time to prepare due to the fermentation process. Here is a quicker version of menma using canned bamboo shoots.

Steamed rice with Bamboo Shoots

In this zen video recipe you’ll learn how to cook a Japanese variety of bamboo shoot called shirako (not to be confused with shirako milt or cod sperm). This rice dish requires you peel and soak the bamboo shoot overnight. As far as video recipes go, this one is a long one. So cozy up to the screen with a cup of green tea and enjoy.


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