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S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2019-2021: the Fine Dining Lovers Award Winners in a Bite

14 April, 2021
S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2021 Fine Dining Lovers award
S. Pellegrino Young Chef Food For Thought Award 2019
S.Pellegrino Young Chef | All the winners of the Food For Thought Award


Evens Lopez signature dish

Evens López, now Sous Chef at The Clove Club in London, England used 100% lobster and artichoke in his dish “For me being a chef is not just about good cooking, there is an ecological responsibility and my dish was based on the use of a whole product to have the least waste possible.”

Abhijit Dey signature dish

Abhijit Dey representing the Pacific region, chose to reflect the Flora and fauna of New Zealand  in his Horopito cured wild venison cooked over kanuka wood, “the majority of the dish represents solid sustainable plant culture and its native organic growth throughout the island of New Zealand. Every ingredient I used represents a different island and its sustainability which motivates me to create something different.”

Krzysztof Konieczny signature dish

Krzysztof Konieczny, winner in the Central Europe regional final with his vegetarian dish  “Jerusalem Artichoke "Fish" used vegetables applying techniques that he'd learnt cooking meat in hs fishy topinambur, laurel parsnip puree and marinated Salicornia dish.

"A family tribute"

Marcus Gericke signature dish

Marcus Gericke, now head chef of Le coin Francais in Johannesburg, South Africa, paid powerful tribute to his chef father in his signature dish: "Remembrance"; “It resonates my fathers instilled beliefs as a chef to "Keep it Simple" it is the best way to honour and keep my old man smiling... He inspires me daily to reach for my dreams,  remain humble …

"Crossing Borders"

Nicolas Fagundes Galindo signature dish

Nicolas Fagundes Galindo winner of the FDL award in the UK and North Europe final blended his Brazilian origins with his Irish experiences in a dish called “Textures and Flavours of Palm and Ox” combining crafts and ingredients from Ireland with Brazilian tropicalness. "I've made the ox tongue and palm heart equally important in my dish I wanted something that represents the dairy in Ireland so I made a blanket sauce using reduce Irish cream and both the ox tongue stock and palm stock infused with fresh tarragon and black truffle wine for earthiness.”

Marvin Palomo signature dish

And finally, Marvin Palomo chef de cuisine at 7enoteca in Oakville, Ontario competing in the North America heat impressed with his signature dishDungeness Crab Chowanmushi, combining the flavours that resonated with his upbringing; “growing up as an immigrant in Canada. I wanted to highlight flavours I grew up eating but using local Canadian ingredients."

Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic: "Talent is a Form of Risk-Taking"

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