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Noma Launches New Wild Rose Vinegar

28 September, 2022
two bottles of Noma's wild rose vinegar

courtesy of Noma

Each 250ml bottle of brightly coloured, delicately balanced and floral vinegar contains fifty grams of rose petals, which were foraged by hand back in late May. The petals were infused in unpasteurised apple vinegar, which was then blended by the Noma Projects production team.

Labelled 'Denmark's summer in a bottle', this could be a versatile pantry addition to bring a touch of brightness to any number of dishes and drinks, from pork chops to cocktails.

If you're stuck for ideas, Nadine Levy Redzepi has a number of recipes to get you started, including wild rose bloody Mary, and a simple tomato sandwich drizzled with olive oil and wild rose vinegar.

foraging for wild rose petals

Due to the short season and hand-foraged process of the wild rose petals, bottles are extremely limited, so be sure to bag a bottle while stocks last.

a large jar of pink rose petals


a clear glass labelled bottle of wild rose vinegar

All images courtesy of Noma.


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