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Microsculpture: Insect Portraits by Levon Biss

20 August, 2016
Jewel Longhorned Beetle ©Levon Biss

Photo Levon Biss

Tell us about your shooting technique: what camera and lens do you use to create these large-scale formats?
I used a 10x microscope objective, attached to a 200mm prime lens, which is then fitted to a 36mega pixel camera body. I used various studio strobe lights to light my subjects and an electronic rail to move my camera 10microns between each shot.

What prompted your interest in the world of insects?
My son found one in the garden and he brought it over to my studio. We were looking at it under his microscope and I realised how beautiful these creatures are up close. From there on in all I wanted to shoot was insects. Each one gives you surprises and you can never quit predict what they will look like magnified up to 300x life size!

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