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Haunted by the Michelin Man (and other Gourmet Ghouls)

22 October, 2020
illustration of a ghost with a chef hat, surrounded by bats

Photo by: Fine Dining Lovers Artwork / iStock

5. The Chef Haunted by Customer Complaints

Patrick’s Roadhouse, Santa Monica

If you've had your fill of customer complaints, spare a thought for Bill Fischler, the last owner of this multi-faceted roadhouse, that's been everything from a brothel to a hot dog stand.

Known to publicly ridicule customers who complained about food, Fischler still pops in today, albeit from the other side, to check up on the restaurant and staff.

Legend has it one chef even quit after not being able to hack a disapproving look from Fischler's ghost. 

6. The Chef who got a Roasting 

The Queen Mary, Long Beach

Strange things happen at sea, and no more so than on this historic ocean liner that's seen it's fair share of life and death over the years, between ferrying troops in World War II and operating as a luxury cruise ship.

Naturally the galley has also been a hot bed of action over the years. Step inside and you just might hear the ghostly screams of one poor chef who was quite literally given a roasting by his angry crew during WWII, as they apparently stuffed him live into a hot oven after not taking to his cooking. May he roast in peace.

Meanwhile, the restless ghost of chef Leonard "Lobster" Horsborough, who died on duty during the ship's final voyage some 50 years ago, also can't give up the day job. He reportedly still returns to the kitchen and goes about his duties with staff members reporting sporadically sighting the "Lobster".

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