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Chef Scarred in Boiling Stock Accident Sues Two-Michelin-Star Pub

08 April, 2022
The Hand and Flowers pub

The chef was responsible for "setting up and switching on" the stock boiler, explained the chef's barrister, Simon Brindle. “Water, vegetables and/or meat (the stock) is placed inside the drum, the machine is switched on and then, once ready, the stock is extracted from the stock boiler via the tap. The stock inside is heated under pressure, resulting in the temperature of the water exceeding 100 degrees.”

When Mr Lewis noticed a leak he “attempted to fix the leak by tightening the tap,” according to Brindle. “To do so he crouched down in front of the tap. Unfortunately, as he was trying to tighten the tap, it suddenly came away from the stock boiler, causing pressurised, boiling stock water to be ejected from it and over him.”

“As a result of the accident, the claimant suffered 34 per cent partial thickness burns to his left chest, abdomen, left forearm, right forearm and both legs, feet and ankles. He required emergency hospital admission.”

The legal claim has been filed with the High Court, but defences from the companies have not yet been made public. According to papers lodged with London’s High Court, each of the firms says the other was to blame.

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