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wine tasting

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the process of assessing the quality and properties of the wine presented.

It is usually carried out by sommeliers, who are professional wine tasters. The process follows four main stages: the appearance of the wine is judged, then “in glass” testing through which the wine’s aroma is evaluated, followed by “in mouth” sensations that gathers response on the wine’s texture on the palate, and, lastly, the “finish” which is meant to judge the wine’s aftertaste. Andreas Larsson masters the wine tasting process and is known for stating that, though recognized around the world as one of the top sommeliers, he is “not a critic but a wine lover”. He also has a video blog, through which it is possible to follow his wine tasting adventures and his overall thoughts on wine, fine food, spirits and pairings.

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