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Écriture Games season menu
See the Dishes from the Game Season Menu at Écriture, Hong Kong
Écriture, Hong Kong's 2 Michelin star restaurant unveils its seasonal game menu. See some of the dishes here in all their glory.
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How Many Michelin Star Restaurants Are There in the World?
Have you ever wondered how many Michelin star restaurants there are in the world? Read on.
Chef Alain Ducasse
Which Chef has the Most Michelin Stars?
The chef with the most Michelin stars in the world was also the first to own three restaurants with three Michelin stars in three different cities at the same time. Who is he?
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How Many 3-Star Michelin Restaurants are There in the World?
There are currently 135 three-star Michelin restaurants around the world. France and Japan are the countries with 29. The USA comes in second with 14. France has the highest total of 628 Michelin stars.
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Can a Restaurant Get Four Michelin Stars?
The answer is no - three stars are still the maximum number of Michelin stars that can be awarded to a restaurant. The Michelin rating system hasn’t changed since the second, and third star tiers were added.
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Why does Canada have no Michelin Star Restaurants?
The only reason Canada has no Michelin-starred restaurants is because the Michelin Guide has not made it’s way over there.
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3-Star-Michelin Restaurants in the World: The Full List
Discover the complete and updated list of Michelin 3-star restaurants in the world in 2020
Atelje Slovenia
Beyond Hiša Franko: Slovenia's Best Young Chefs
Slovenia received its first Michelin Guide in June, with Hiša Franko winning two stars. Beyond Ana Roš' famous restaurant, here are some of the talented young chefs making their mark in this tiny central European country.
Chef working
How Many Michelin Stars Can Restaurants Get and How Do They Get Them?
The highly-coveted three-star rating is for restaurants that are “worth a special journey” with exceptional cuisine and harmony.
Bobby Fjay
How Many Michelin Stars Does Chef Bobby Flay Have?
Bobby Flay does not currently have any Michelin Stars. In Las Vegas, his second Mesa Grill restaurant was awarded one star in 2008 but unfortunately did not retain it in the 2009 Michelin Guide.