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Homemade Bouillon

Homemade Bouillon

A easy recipe to make homemade beef bouillon

30 March, 2012
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Type of dish


serves for


total time

0 HR 40 MIN


300 g (Kosher or sea salt)
300 g
300 g (celery, carrot, onion)
To taste
Aromatic herbs
To taste (sage, rosemary, basil)
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste


Wash and peel the vegetables, then chop them.

Put them in a jug with aromatic herbs, salt and garlic.

Blend all together and then add the beef, mixing it for 3 minutes.

Put the mixture into a non-stick pan, and cook for 20 minutes, with a bit of oil.

Let it cool and then put mixture back into jug, blend for another 3 minutes and then pour into well-cleaned glass jars.

It will keep in a well-closed container in the refrigerator for a month, or else in the freezer. The broth is already salty, so be sure to salt to taste. You can vary the doses, keeping in mind that the amount of salt used should be equal to the amount that of meat and vegetables. You can use whichever vegetables and aromatic herbs you prefer. For a vegetarian bouillon, follow the same procedures but keep the proportions 50% kosher or salt and 50% vegetables.

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