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Quiche Recipes

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Quiche must be the ultimate brunch dish. Whether you’re entertaining guests or a guest yourself, a quiche occupies that special triple space of being simultaneously delicious, convenient, and impressive. A rare feat. If that wasn’t enough, it’s usually possible to whip a quiche together with nothing more than nonperishable items from the panty and some random leftovers from the fridge. For the unsuspecting host, this is a key advantage. What’s even better is that, while quiche is delicious served fresh out of the oven, it’s just as tasty served room temperature. For this reason alone, it’s a favorite for entertaining.

Once you know how to throw a quiche together from pantry ingredients and odds and ends you find in your refrigerator, you never need to worry about unexpected guests again! Check out some of our favorite quiche recipes for some brunch inspiration!

But just what is a quiche?

A quiche is a savory open pastry; the sweet equivalent would be a tart. It’s made out of a pastry crust that is filled with an egg and flour mixture, with a heavy focus on different additives like fish, meat, cheese, or vegetables, or a mixture of some of those. Though the name sounds French, the word actually derives from the German word “kuchen,” meaning “cake.” The original dish is likely also German in origin. But that’s enough—let’s get to the quiche recipes!

The timeless classic: Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is perhaps the original quiche. The first Quiche Lorraine was quite different: served on a bread crust and with nothing but smoked bacon added to the egg custard. But now, hundreds of years later, it has evolved: in this version, onions, garlic, and cheese join the bacon in a symphony of greasy, salty, savory flavors. Fresh herbs round it out. This quiche is a winner every time! Check out our ultimate Quiche Lorraine recipe here.

Vegetarian spinach quiche

These days, a lot of hosts and hostesses try to have some vegetarian options so that all their guests can be happy and have something to eat. But this easy spinach quiche recipe goes above and beyond what’s usually expected of a vegetarian option: it’s delicious for meat and plant eaters alike! The bacon and onions are substituted with sauteed spinach and savory leeks. If you only make one quiche for your party, make it this one: that way everyone can enjoy it!

Getting fancy: asparagus quiche

If you feel like you want to impress your guests, you can’t go wrong with an asparagus quiche. The key is to blanch the asparagus and let them cool before adding them to your quiche. But don’t chop them up! Instead leave them whole and arrange them vertically on your pastry before you add the egg mixture and bake it. It will come out looking magnificent! The vertical stripes really add to the effect. If you have a circular tin, or are using a premade pie crust (always a useful shortcut), arrange them radially from the center. This beautiful asparagus quiche recipe is destined to impress!

Brussel sprouts and sundried tomato quiche recipe

Okay, now we’re just getting decadent. Braised brussels sprouts are smothered in a ricotta-egg mixture, then complemented with rich sundried tomatoes and cheese. Tarragon adds an exotic aniseed twang to the mixture, giving it that little je ne sais pas that all home chefs are going after. What makes this brussel sprouts and sundried tomato quiche recipe interesting is the decision to leave the brussels sprouts whole. When covered in the thick egg and ricotta mixture, they cling together like building blocks, piling attractively in the pie pan. Pile the brussel sprouts high in a circular pie tin for extra visual interest.

Smoked salmon and artichoke hearts quiche

This quiche is a flavor-packed stunner. Adding fish to such a creamy and eggy dish might seem strange, but it works magnificently due to two key factors. The first is that this is no normal salmon: this fish is smoked. Smoked salmon, as you probably know, is incredibly pungent, and that pungency spreads to the whole dish, spreading and mellowing out into a delightful creaminess. The second is even more subtle—a small addition of pungent horseradish pairs perfectly with the rich, fatty fish and the creamy filling. The addition of artichoke hearts seems almost unnecessary at this point—but who doesn’t love artichokes? If you’re looking to really impress your guests, you can’t lose with this smoked salmon and artichoke hearts quiche.

Quiche: the ultimate for impromptu hosting

Quiches combine the convenience of an all-pantry ingredients list with the deliciousness of classic French cuisine. Whether your party is planned or a surprise, you just can’t go wrong with a quiche for hosting. Enjoy them hot, enjoy them cold, enjoy them plain, enjoy them with tons of complicated ingredients—just be happy they’re around!

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