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Pork is one of the most versatile meats around. Try our favorite pork recipes and elevate your next dinner to the next level!

What’s the most versatile meat? Is it beef, that favorite of hamburgers and steaks? Or is it chicken, which we can thank for the chicken nugget, hot wings, and any number of other grabbable finger-food items? We’re here to make the case that the real most versatile meat comes from none other than our porcine friend, the pig.

Though pork went through a rough period in American history with the trichinosis scares of the 1970s. Pork supplies were tainted and people were advised to cook their pork past well-done. This killed the parasites responsible for trichinosis, but also resulted in some very sad meals. When cooked too long, pork dries out, becoming tough, chalky, and tasteless. Definitely not good eats.

However, we have good news: trichinosis has been virtually eliminated from pork supplies, and consumers are once again advised that they may cook their pork to a slightly lower temperature. This results in a truly substantial improvement—where overcooked pork was dry and chalky, properly cooked pork is a revelation, juicy, flavorsome, and savory. We’ve assembled our favorite pork recipes here for your inspiration—read on!

Pork chops in mushroom marsala sauce recipe

This easy pork recipe showcases the best of pork without you needing to worry about under- or overcooking. Fresh chunks of pork are first browned in a pan before braising in sweet and distinctive marsala wine. The key here is to brown both the pork and the mushrooms in small batches to avoid overcrowding the pan. If you add too much to the pan at once, the ingredients release liquid that won’t boil off fast enough, causing it to pool at the bottom of your skillet. You want to avoid this at all costs! The liquid will stop the pork and mushrooms from properly browning, severely affecting the flavor profile of the finished dish. To avoid this, get your skillet ripping hot and add the pork or mushrooms in small batches, allowing each piece to deeply brown. A pro tip: you can really let the mushrooms have it! Mushrooms are almost impossible to overcook, and deeply browned, textured mushrooms are much more enjoyable than slimy, soft boiled mushrooms. A bonus here is that the mushrooms and pork will both leave a great fond on the bottom of the skillet. Fond is bits of meat and vegetable that get stuck to the bottom of the skillet when you’re browning food—these are flavor! When you deglaze, make sure to aggressively scrape all that fond, adding it into the wine that will make up your flavorful broth. If you’ve never had pork and mushroom marsala, you’re in for a treat. Try our easy pork and mushroom marsala recipe today. 

Pork chops stuffed with mushrooms and thyme recipe

If you’re looking to impress your next dinner guests, look no further than this stuffed pork chops recipe. There’s something about a stuffed slice of meat that just looks professional. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: this stuffed pork chops with mushrooms and thyme recipe couldn’t be easier! It really comes together in a flash! If you’re not into mushrooms, or maybe just a bit tired of them after eating the amazing pork marsala and mushrooms recipe above, this recipe is amazingly customizable. Indeed, you can add just about any kind of cooked ingredients in here. Our ideas for variations? This recipe is essentially a blank slate, so you can think about different types of cuisines and the ingredients they would use. Try cooked spinach and feta for a Greek twist, stuff it with cheddar and jalapeño chiles for a more Tex-Mex style flavor, or try it with fresh herbs and garlic for a clean, French style taste. Even an Asian mixture of shredded cabbage, carrot, and ginger would be fantastic here.

Easy pork stir fry with egg fried rice recipe

Stir fry might be that thing you make when you’re hungry, feeling lazy, and don’t know what to make. But we’re here to say that stir fry doesn’t need to be a compromise: with proper technique and the right ingredients, it can really be elevated into a meal you’d be happy to get even at a restaurant. The secret is all in the technique: instead of crowding the pan with everything at once, cook each ingredient in batches. The reason for this is that each ingredient takes a different amount of time to cook. By cooking them in batches, you ensure that each ingredient is perfectly cooked. Then just toss everything together with the sauce at the end and briefly reheat it—all done! Serve with rice or noodles to round it out. You can also customize this recipe with different ingredients, leftovers from your fridge, or different sauces! Try this easy pork stir fry recipe today!

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