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Steamed Swordfish Bagnara-Style

Steamed Swordfish Bagnara-Style

An exclusive swordfish recipe prepared by Lidia Bastianich at Identità New York: learn how to prepare at home a tasty steamed swordfish Bagnara-style!

14 October, 2014
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2 pounds steak, 1¼ inch thick, with skin
Extra virgin olive oil
½ cup
1, thinly sliced
5 tablespoons, small and drained
4 plump cloves, peeled and thinly sliced
1 teaspoon, kosher
1 tablespoon, dried
1½ tablespoons, chopped fresh Italian


An exclusive swordfish recipe prepared by Lidia Bastianich at Identità New York 2014: learn how to prepare a tasty steamed swordfish Bagnara-style.

Steamed swordfish Bagnara-style by Lidia Bastianich

You will need a 4-quart baking dish, 10 by 15 inches, or similar size; a roasting pan large enough to hold the baking dish inside it (on the rack); a sturdy flat metal baking/roasting rack to fit inside the roasting pan.

Heat the oven to 425◦F. Cut the swordfish steak into six serving pieces.

Pour the olive oil into the baking dish, and scatter in the lemon slices, capers, and garlic.

Turn the lemon slices over to coat them with oil, and gather them on one side of the dish.

Season the swordfish pieces on both sides with salt, lay them in the dish in one layer, and turn each one over several times to coat it with oil on all the surfaces.

Distribute the lemon slices on top.

Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to the boil. Set the baking rack in the big roasting pan, and pour in boiling water to the depth of an inch.

Put the dish of swordfish on the rack in the roasting pan, and tent the big pan with a large sheet (or two) of aluminum foil.

Arch the sheet over the fish, and press it against the sides of the roasting pan.

Carefully set the covered pan in the oven, and bake just until the swordfish is cooked through, about 10 to 12 minutes.

Remove the foil, and lift the baking dish from the pan and out of the oven.

Immediately crumble the oregano over the hot swordfish and into the pan juices, then sprinkle the parsley over all.

Serve right away, placing each piece of swordfish in a warm shallow bowl and spooning over it some of the cooking juices.

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