Pigeon and Squash

Pigeon and Squash

A great fall recipe to try courtesy of chef JP McMahon of the Aniar restaurant in Galway, Ireland.

25 September, 2017
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Pigeon crown, skin removed
Small squash, peeled and cored
Fresh dillisk, cut into small pieces
Pickled green elderberries
Pigeon Jus
Extra virgin rapeseed oil
tarragon vinegar
Sea salt


To cook the pigeon

Heat some oil in the frying pan. Sear the pigeon crown on each side of the breast. Allow to cool. Remove the breasts from the crown. Season with a little sea salt and rapeseed oil. Vacuum-pack at the highest setting. Cook the breast sous-vide at 55˚C for 20 mins. 

For the squash

Cut the squash into crescent shapes and poach until tender. Char one side of the squash with a flame thrower until nicely burnt.

To serve

Carve the pigeon breast in half. Season with a little sea salt. Half the charred squash. Lay on a warm plate. Dress the dillisk pieces with a little oil and vinegar. Garnish the dish with the dillisk and elderberries. Finish with some pigeon jus.

A close-up of JP McMahon

JP McMahon

JP McMahon is one of Ireland’s most prominent chefs.


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