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Legend Praline by Paula Stakelum of Ashford Castle

Food on the Edge

Legend Praline by Paula Stakelum

Discover how to make these elegant chocolates by Paula Stakelum of Ashford Castle, as served at the Food on the Edge 2019 national launch party in Dublin, in this exclusive recipe.

28 August, 2019
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500g “legend” Chocolate (55% Milk Chocolate)
Pistachio paste
50g Hazelnut Praline (60% Praline)

Step 01

Temper the chocolate:

Heat the chocolate gently to 45°C

Cool the chocolate to 27°C

Heat the chocolate back to 30.5°C

Place into a piping bag for us

Step 02

You will need 2 sheets of Biodegradable transfer sheets, cut 10cm x 40cm in length.

Pipe 5 x 5g of the chocolate onto the first sheet, place the second sheet on top, and press gently with a lid of a jar.

Gently pull the 2 sheets apart.

Pipe 2g of hazelnut praline in the centre of sheet 1.

Replace sheet 2 on top.

Press gently again together.

Set Aside to set for 3 hours, preferably at 18°C.

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