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Kentucky mule

Kentucky Mule

Lean how to make a Kentucky mule cocktail - substituting a Moscow mule's vodka for bourbon whiskey - and you've got a refreshing southern cocktail with a lovely spicy finish. 

27 October, 2022
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serves for



Bourbon Whiskey
1 1/2 oz
Lime juice
1/2 oz (fresh)
Ginger Beer
4 oz


1/2 lime

Copper mug

Build method

Step 01

Kentucky mule

Cool the copper cup with ice - if you do it before preparing the cocktail, the glass will stay cold longer, and this means that the ice will take longer to melt and dilute the preparation.

Step 02

Kentucky mule

Squeeze 1/2 OZ (15 ml) of lime with the manual pressure juicer directly into the jigger (to check the exact amount of juice) and pour it into the glass.

Step 03

Kentucky mule

Measure with the jigger, and pour 1 1/2 OZ (45 ml) of bourbon directly into the glass.

Step 04

Kentucky mule

Fill this product with ginger beer, about 4 OZ of product, even if it is non-alcoholic. It is added last so you can add more or less according to taste.

Step 05

kentucky mule

Gently emulsify the ingredients with a bar spoon (the classic bartender spoon with a long and twisted handle) without degassing the drink, holding the cup by the handle so as not to heat the container with your hands. The bar spoon must be inserted into the glass making it rest on the bottom, and making it move in a delicate and circular way, making it touch the walls. Fill the glass with ice if necessary.

Step 06

Kentucky mule

Garnish with the 1/2 lime that has been squeezed using the fruit tongs, and the cocktail is ready to be served.

This cocktail is a variant of the historic cocktail, the Moscow mule, conceived in 1941 in a New York bar, the Chatham, where two entrepreneurs on the street, Martin and Morgan, met to try to revive their respective activities as a vodka distributor and producer of ginger beer.
Kentucky mule is also served in copper mugs, like the original cocktail.

Often Kentucky mules, like Moscow mules, are served with a cucumber garnish. The rule dictates that something is used on the edge of the glass that recalls the ingredients of the cocktail. The use of cucumber is a reference to the Eastern European tradition, in which pickled gherkins are paired with frozen cocktails.

Assuming that this is the variant of an historical IBA cocktail based on vodka, it can be prepared by replacing the base spirit with other spirits. The twist with gin is called London mule, which is one of the best known.


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