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Gluten-free Lemon Drizzle Cake

Gluten-free Lemon Drizzle Cake

How to make gluten-free lemon drizzle cakes, served with freeze and dried raspberries: the classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, here in the gluten-free version.

25 November, 2015
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Dietary Consideration

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total time

0 HR 55 MIN


All purpose flour
180 g, gluten free
125 g, melted and cooled
225 g, caster (superfine)
Bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp (baking)
3, ripe, mashed
Vanilla extract
1 tsp
Lemon zest
1 unwaxed, finely grated
Icing sugar
225 g
Lemon juice
freeze, dried


To prepare the gluten-free lemon drizzle cake start heating the oven to 180°C (160° fan).

Grease 6 x 10cm x 6cm mini loaf tins.

Place all the cake ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat well until blended.

Spoon into the tins and bake for 25-30 minutes, until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Cool the gluten-free lemon drizzle cakes completely in the tins.

Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and beat in just enough lemon juice to make a smooth thick icing.

Drizzle over the cakes and sprinkle with freeze dried raspberries.

Leave the gluten-free lemon drizzle cake to set.

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