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Andrew Wong

A portrait shot of chef Andrew Wong in his restaurant

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong is a British-born and raised chef of Chinese heritage, and is noted as the patron and chef at his eponymous London restaurant, which holds two Michelin stars. He is an anthropologist and cultural observer who marries his Chinese heritage and his upbringing in London in his cuisine.

While Wong’s parents ran their own Cantonese restaurant in London, Andrew explored other academic possibilities, studying chemistry at Oxford University, then social anthropology at the London School of Economics, before returning to the family business.

A culinary education followed, which inspired him to embark on a gastronomic tour of China, where he researched ancient Chinese culinary traditions and culture, a knowledge base that informed everything he has done since.

Wong is a chef of world renown, who is currently shifting the perception of Chinese food in the UK. Combing scientific rigour, cultural understanding, innovation and creative flair, Wong is one of the outstanding chefs in London’s vibrant fine dining scene, and as the author of several cookbooks, he serves of as an ambassador for a rich and modern Chinese-British cuisine.