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This Doughnut Art is Jelly Different

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This Doughnut Art is Jelly Different
Photo ARDT Gallery

With the multitude of coloured icings available for the humble doughnut, it does offer a palette of sorts. Introducing artist, photographer and graphic designer Candice CMC, the queen of doughnut art, who creates portraits of iconic figures in art, science and entertainment like Judy Garland and Vincent van Gogh using the sweet treat – the largest portrait being around 78" x 64".

But before you go wondering how she preserves the doughnuts or stops peckish admirers taking a bite, we should explain that the doughnut art you see here actually consists of photographs of doughnuts, rather than the real thing. Candice first photographs the doughy snacks and then arranges the hundreds of images to create the desired doughnut picture.

ARDT Gallery

You have to squint for the image to become clear (or view from afar), which probably isn’t the kind of expression you normally pull when confronted by so many doughnuts – more wide–eyed and salivating. This doughnut art is actually available to buy here, but there doesn’t appear to be any correlation between the number of doughnuts in the image and the price.

ARDT Gallery

No idea how many doughnuts Candice gets through personally, but all artists must suffer for their art we suppose.

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