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100 Days of Bite Size–Portraits

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100 Days of Bite Size–Portraits
Photo brooklynblueday/Instagram

We've seen food frocks before from Instagrammers Edgar Artis and Gretchen Roehrs, but this is the first time we've come across just the thing to go with them; a series of fun food hats and hairdos from Brooklyn based graphic illustrator Vela Burke.

In fact, Burke's Instagram account, brooklynblueday, looks more like a women's fashion shoot, boasting a collection of 100 bite–size portraits of a sketched model adorned with an inventive use of a variety of edible ingredients. 

The creative inspiration came from #the100dayproject challenging creatives to participate in '100 days of making' in a bid to kickstart creativity.

"As I was making dinner, something just snapped," she says. "I basically said 'that's it, I'm making a piece of art with these ingredients in front of me right now.' After that, something opened up," she told Delish

Chocolate pretzels, tagliolini, fruit candy and more all become protaganists in the hairdos and it sounds like she gets just as much a kick of trying out new foods as imagining them precariously balanced as a hat...

Here are some of her styles below. Head to her Instagram Brooklynblueday for more.





via Delish

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