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Two Ways To Prepare A Delicious Chinese New Year Cake

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Two Ways To Prepare A Delicious Chinese New Year Cake

There are many ways foods to celebrate the Chinese New Year but there is one special treat that adds a touch of sweetness to the occasion: a traditional Chinese New Year cake.

The traditional cake associated with Chinese New Year is called nian gao, which in Mandarin translates to ''higher year.'' It is prepared with glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, water and oil then steamed on the stove top.

The steamed Chinese New Year cake is commonly refrigerated overnight then cut into slices being being dipped in an egg batter and fried like French Toast. It's really a cool cooking process that yields a sweet, dense yet jelly-like cake that is simply delicious.

Youtuber Angel Wong's Kitchen shares an easy recipe for a steamed Chinese New Year cake anyone can replicate at home. Here is the step-by-step:

Another way to ensure a sweet new year is to prepare this non-traditional Chinese cake.
This Chinese cake is completely gluten free and contains a filling of cinnamon, brown sugar and almonds. You'll find the complete recipe here

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