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Two smiling male chefs.
Trèsind Studio and Haoma Come Together in Bangkok
Two up-and-coming Indian chefs will play with perceptions of Indian cuisine at a special four-hands dinner this March. Find out how to book.
Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022
Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 - See the Full List
See the full list of the restaurants with stars in the city with the most Michelin stars, in the Michelin Guide to Tokyo 2022.
Michelin Guide Singapore 2021
Michelin Guide Singapore 2021 - The Full List
The Michelin Guide Singapore 2021 has been announced with one new three-star restaurant - Zén - and one new two-star restaurant - Jaan by Kirk Westaway.
Taiwanese People Change Names to 'Salmon' for All-You-Can-Eat Sushi
A restaurant promotion in Taiwan has backfired as people flock to officially change their name to 'Salmon'. Find out more.
Gucci Osteria Tokyo
Massimo Bottura to Bring House of Gucci to Tokyo
Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura will be setting up home in Ginza, Tokyo, some time in 2021, date to be confirmed.
Sun Kim Meta Restaurant
Meta in Singapore is Asia's 50 Best One to Watch 2021
Sun Kim’s Meta, Singapore, is the recipient of Asia's 50 Best One to Watch 2021 by Asia's 50 Best Restaurants.
Chinese New Year food
8 Lucky Foods to Eat at Chinese New Year
The best food for Chinese New Year is lucky food. Higher your chances of wealth, health and good fortune in 2021 with these eight foods to eat during Chinese New Year.
Michelin Tokyo 2021
Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021 - See the New Stars
The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021 has launched - see all the new stars in the most-starred city in the world here.
Wagyu Beef
The Price of Wagyu Beef: How Much Does it Cost?
There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of real wagyu beef. A little taste of this 'Japanese cow' can cost a small fortune, is it worth the price?
Guangzhou city
Guangzhou, China: A Tasting Tour with Jianyu Leung
Guangzhou (Canton) is China’s third largest and richest city, and is acclaimed as its city of gastronomy, and the home of