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The US Michelin Guides are Back

16 April, 2021
US Michelin Guide

“If anything we were benevolent as to the selections,” he said of the restaurants. “We were impressed with their incredible achievement throughout the crisis. Some of them went above and beyond the standards we usually expect. That’s a positive trend right now."

The pandemic has not swept away a huge amount of the guide’s restaurants, with fewer than 100 having close permanently, according to Poullennec, and 80% of starred restaurants are open. Worldwide, he said, only one-third of Michelin-starred restaurants are fully operating now.

“We feel it’s important to highlight those that are in business, to support the industry, help it recover and keep people interested in dining out,” he said.

Netherland. Michelin guide 2021

Michelin Guide Netherlands 2021 - See the New Stars

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