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INfusion 3: Lorenzo Cogo and Mikael Svensson 's Four Hand Dinner Riff

14 November, 2019
Chef Lorenzo Cogo INfusion 3

Photo Luca Zizioli

INfusion 3 menu: Unique and original

On a culinary level, INfusion 3 saw the mediation between the love of Cogo's bitterness and acidity pushed by Svensson. Among the unforgettable dishes were the “puntarelle” with bergamot and pickled watermelon, the Morro cod - one of the finest and most appetizing of the evening - with apple and jalapenos, beetroot cappelletti with smoked eel and foie gras, linguine (studied by Cogo with Barilla) black with cuttlefish, guinea-fowl with truffles and walnuts. The dessert played out with vegetables: Celery, black olives powder, meringue and pumpkin ice cream prepared with Carpigiani.

At the end of the evening, another "surprise" dessert, arrived, a buttery and sweet Tarte tatin served with a scoop of pumpkin ice cream flavoured with nutmeg.

The dinner ended with hugs, chatter and laughter, with the hope that there may be more such entertaining evenings in the pipeline.

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