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Galway to Lose Michelin-Starred Restaurant for Winter as Crisis Looms

06 September, 2022

Photo:  Chan Hyuk Moon | Unsplash

It comes at a time when McEvoy’s former boss JP McMahon, chef and owner of Galway’s other Michelin-starred restaurant Aniar, announced that he would be closing his Galway eatery Tartar permanently, as rising costs make business all but untenable.

The hospitality sector in Ireland is facing a period of uncertainty as a culmination of rising costs - chiefly energy and food bills - and staff shortages hit Galway, and the west of Ireland, which depends on tourism in the summer months.

The situation is similar in the UK, where many of the country’s pub landlords are claiming they will not be able to open for the winter unless the government steps in to support struggling businesses.

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