Kitchen Culture

Kitchen Culture
Amateur cook mistakes
14 common cooking mistakes that make professional chefs mad
Professional chefs take home cooks to task with some of their most common kitchen mistakes. Which ones are you guilty of?
Chef Rene Redzepi
Even the world’s best chef needs a break
René Redzepi is stepping away from the helm of Noma in order to spend more time with his family.
Chefs in a kitchen
Stories served - our 10 most-read stories of 2019
A look back at the most-read stories of 2019 on Fine Dining Lovers.
Chris Hill
Chris Hill writes open letter that all chefs should read 2.0
The chef and blogger has penned part two of an open letter to chefs, designed to motivate and inspire chefs and future chefs of the challenges and rewards of the industry.
Chefs in the kitchen
The sustainability of the chef: our survey on kitchen culture
A look at results from Fine Dining Lovers’ survey on kitchen culture and the sustainability of the chef, conducted at Food on The Edge in Ireland.
Chefs at work
Becoming a chef - 11 steps to greatness
Chef Paul Sorgule writes about what makes a chef great and how every chef can get there.
Danny Bowien
Danny Bowien: “We’re living in a post-authentic world”
Danny Bowien speaks about his successes, his failures, identity and how we're living in a post-authentic world.
Jacob Jan Boerma
Couple to close three star De Leest to spend more time with son
Three Michelin star De Leest restaurant will close after 17 years in business so the owners can give more time to their son.
Chef at Work
NYC will pay you to train as a line cook
First Course by NYC will pay you to train as a line cook
La Maison Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé is recruiting! Could you be one of their future talents?
La Maison Pierre Hermé in Paris is recruiting and they're looking to fill many different kinds of roles. Do you have what it takes?
Daniela Soto-Innes
Life lessons from the world's best female chef Daniela Soto-Innes
Lessons in life and career for young chefs by the world's best female chef Daniela Soto-Innes.
That's My Jazz
Documentary reveals World renowned pastry chef's one regret
As pastry chef Milton Abel II was reaching the very pinnacle of success, his jazz musician father was on the wane. This documentary charts the chef's rise, his regret and how he chose his family over culinary adulation.