Kitchen Culture

Bittersweet: How a Cacao Plantation is Saving the Lives of Costa Rican Women
A cacao plantation in Costa Rica is providing shelter for women fleeing abusive relationships. Read about their stories here.
Chef survey results
Chefs Say They Want to do Better Business
Chefs see the pandemic as the spark for better business practices according to the first ever S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Monitor survey.
Harriet Mansel Yacht Chef
The Dog That Only Ate Wagyu: Tales from a Superyacht Chef
From pampered pooches to a man who ate a full English breakfast every day, chef Harriet Mansell's stories about life as a chef on board superyachts are jaw-dropping. But the gig enabled the ex-Noma chef to save enough money to open her own restaurant. Read her amazing story here.
America NASA
James Beard Launches Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans
The James Beard Foundation launches a funding initiative to help BIPOC Americans in the restaurant industry.
Tipping Point: Is it Time to Change the Gratuity System?
The tipping system is used in the United States of America to supplement the often meagre wages of waiting staff, but is it time for a change? Andrew Friedman went to investigate.
Noam Kostucki Gender Fluid Chef
Noam Kostucki: 'My Food Represents Me Completely'
Noam Kostucki is a gender-fluid chef in Costa Rica who creates a queer cuisine that's an expression of unconventional identity. Read about their journey in both identity and food.
Michelin star
What is a Michelin Star and How Do You Get One? Everything to Know
Unlike other rating systems, Michelin stars are not based on customer reviews, but on undercover inspections by anonymous food experts known as the Michelin Inspectors
female male chefs finedininglovers survey
Survey: Chefs, What's Missing in your Career?
S.Pellegrino Young Chef, in collaboration with Fine Dining Lovers, would like to investigate chefs' needs in the face of the pressing challenges in the restaurant world today.
encuesta para chefs
¿Qué falta en tu carrera? Una encuesta para chefs
S.Pellegrino Young Chef en colaboración con Fine Dining Lovers quiere investigar acerca de cuáles son hoy las exigencias de los chefs frente a los apremiantes retos del mundo de la restauración.
Ghost Kitchen Future
Ghost Kitchens: A Dystopian Future
Dare we imagine what the future may bring with the rise of ghost kitchens, where chefs work thankless shifts in faceless kitchens for distant diners? Read on.