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food books

Food Books

Food books are not just for the most passionate cook, but they are a great source of information and entertainment for anyone that loves food.

The books currently available in the market range from Italian cook books to healthy food books, depicting the multiple different ingredients of a healthy lifestyle or a particular ethnic cuisine. But food books have often a wider spectrum than simply teaching you about a local cuisine’s main food: they might go beyond the realm of non-fiction, to provide readers with an overall literature-worthy take on food as experience and lifestyle

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A bowl of fresh gazpacho
A Look Inside 'Portugal: The Cookbook'
Take a closer look at Leandro Carreira's new ode to Portugal and get an exclusive 30% discount on a copy. Find out more.
Phaidon Spring Releases 2022
Phaidon Food Books: What's New This Spring?
Take a look at the new food books out this spring, from Clare Smyth's debut cookbook from two Michelin-starred Core, to Ferran Adrià's in-depth analysis of breakfast.
Christmas books
17 Best Food Books for Christmas 2021
Take a look at our eclectic round-up of food books for all types of food lovers this Christmas, from amateur enthusiasts, to professionals, and everyone in between.
A book cover.
The Female Chef: Britain's Game-Changers
A new book celebrates 31 women redefining the British food scene. Here we take a look at some of the images within, and present three delicious recipes.
Mooncakes and Milk Bread Cookbook
A Look Inside New Chinese Baking Book: 'Mooncakes and Milk Bread' + Recipes
Kristina Cho explores her favourite sweet and savory recipes inspired by Chinese bakeries in her first ever cookbook.
A pretty plate of food.
30 Years of Pied à Terre in Pictures
As one of London’s oldest Michelin-starred restaurants celebrates three decades in the business, take a look at the dishes and people that made it.
Josh Niland
A Look Inside Josh Niland's New Book 'Take One Fish' + Recipes
The pioneering Aussie fish butcher has a new book out, and it's all about exploring the potential and deliciousness of all the parts of an entire fish, whatever the size. Take a look inside.
phaidon titles
Phaidon Food Books: What's New?
From South American regional cuisine, to modern Icelandic gastronomy, here's a look at what's coming from cookbook publisher Phaidon this year.
Modernist Cuisine Pizza Book
The Most Comprehensive Guide to Pizza Ever is Here
Prepare to geek out with the arrival of Modernist Cuisine's new definitive guide to pizza in this new multi-volume set, complete with over 1000 recipes. Take a look.
Food Revolutions The impact of our eating choices Rafael Tonon
Food Revolutions: The Impact of our Eating Choices
A look at journalist Rafael Tonon's new must-read book, offering entertaining insight into why we eat as we do today.