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food books
Food Books

Food books are not just for the most passionate cook, but they are a great source of information and entertainment for anyone that loves food.

The books currently available in the market range from Italian cook books to healthy food books, depicting the multiple different ingredients of a healthy lifestyle or a particular ethnic cuisine. But food books have often a wider spectrum than simply teaching you about a local cuisine’s main food: they might go beyond the realm of non-fiction, to provide readers with an overall literature-worthy take on food as experience and lifestyle

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Illustration of a cake from book Signature Dishes that matters
What were the most important dishes ever created?
Signature Dishes that Matter brings the history of gastronomy to life by putting over 200 of the most iconic dishes ever created in the world under the spotl
The cover of Signature Dishes that Matter
Over 200 iconic foods captured in Signature Dishes
Signature Dishes That Matter, published by Phaidon, offers a captivating look at the rich history of restaurant culture and over 200 iconic foods that have shaped the past 300 years of eating out.
Image Courtesy of Phaidon/Illustration by Adriano Rampazzo
Signature Dishes That Matter by Phaidon
Take a look inside "Signature Dishes that Matter" and discover a global celebration of the iconic restaurant dishes that defined the course
Coconut cake with strawberry sorbet and watermelon
Story on a plate: learning the art of plating step by step
Plating food is an art. It can take years of practice to perfect.
Sean Brock
Sean Brock celebrates Southern food in his new cookbook
Sean Brock's new Southern cookbook is here, with 125 recipes celebrating this rich and diverse cuisine, from baby back ribs to tomato okra stew.
Around the world in 125 Melons
The Melon, written by Amy Goldman with photographs by Victor Schrager, is a new book in celebration of the melon detailing 125 varieties worth knowing along with stunning images, descriptions and recipes.
Story on a Plate by Gestalten
The insider's guide on how to plate like a pro
"Story on a plate: the delicate art of plating dishes" is a visual feast by gestalten capturing some of the best plating techniques around by some of the world's best chefs, offering tips to be absorbed by both amateur and professional cooks in plating both skillfully and imaginatively.
Venison Glorious Game
Game On: 101 Recipes from Glorious Game book
Glorious Game contains 101 recipes for game dishes from some of Britain and Ireland's best-loved chefs and food writers.
Glorious Game cookbook
101 ways to cook wild meat with the Glorious Game cookbook
Glorious Game a cookbook of 101 recipes for game season from some of Britain and Ireland's best chefs.
Delicious Places: must-try restaurants
Delicious Places: your guide to the most stunning restaurants
Step inside a selection of some of the world's most stunning bars and restaurants for a unique sensorial dining experience, courtesy of Gestalten's new must
Delicious Places book
Step Inside "Delicious Places - New Food Culture, Restaurants and Interiors"
The new Gestalten publication explores 60 unique restaurants, cafés and entrepreneurs from imaginative concepts range to a new global food culture.
Hungry: The insider lowdown on travelling and cooking with Rene Redzepi
Hungry: The insider lowdown on travelling and cooking with Rene Redzepi
"Anyway, Redzepi had an idea. It seemed innocuous. It seemed impossible, too, or at least unlikely to lead to anything real.