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Food Books

Food books are not just for the most passionate cook, but they are a great source of information and entertainment for anyone that loves food.

The books currently available in the market range from Italian cook books to healthy food books, depicting the multiple different ingredients of a healthy lifestyle or a particular ethnic cuisine. But food books have often a wider spectrum than simply teaching you about a local cuisine’s main food: they might go beyond the realm of non-fiction, to provide readers with an overall literature-worthy take on food as experience and lifestyle

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phaidon titles
Phaidon Food Books: What's New?
From South American regional cuisine, to modern Icelandic gastronomy, here's a look at what's coming from cookbook publisher Phaidon this year.
Modernist Cuisine Pizza Book
The Most Comprehensive Guide to Pizza Ever is Here
Prepare to geek out with the arrival of Modernist Cuisine's new definitive guide to pizza in this new multi-volume set, complete with over 1000 recipes. Take a look.
Food Revolutions The impact of our eating choices Rafael Tonon
Food Revolutions: The Impact of our Eating Choices
A look at journalist Rafael Tonon's new must-read book, offering entertaining insight into why we eat as we do today.
Bavel Cookbook Cover
Inside Bavel's Debut Cookbook
The Los Angeles restaurant offers up a feast of modern recipes inspired by the Middle East in its new cookbook. Take a look inside.
Ferran Adria
Ferran Adrià's New Book Explains Nature's Ingredients
Ferran Adrià's 'Unelaborated Products' is a deep dive into the natural world and the ingredients found within it.
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Cookbook
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Cookbook: See the Dishes
Learn how to make delicious modern Ghanian food in Zoe Adjonyoh's simple home-cooked recipe book.
Grand Dishes
Grandmothers Around the World Reveal their Secret Family Recipes
'Grand Dishes' is an ode to grandmothers around the world and the historical stories that their food tells. Find out more.
Why We Cook_Book Cover
Why We Cook: Over 100 Women in Food Speak Out in New Book
Lindsay Gardner's new illustrated food book celebrates 112 women’s culinary contributions, achievements, recipes and stories in bite-size servings.
Book Cooking Techniques
The Books on Cooking Techniques Every Chef Needs to Read
Want to know what 'blanch' means, or what 'confit' is? Read our ultimate guide to books on cooking techniques for beginners and home chefs.
Today's Special
Today's Special: Chef Conversations with Hugh Acheson, Mei Lin and Flynn McGarry
Presented by Phaidon and S.Pellegrino, 'Today's Special: Chef Conversations' features Hugh Acheson, Mei Lin and Flynn McGarry.