food books

Food Books

Food books are not just for the most passionate cook, but they are a great source of information and entertainment for anyone that loves food.

The books currently available in the market range from Italian cook books to healthy food books, depicting the multiple different ingredients of a healthy lifestyle or a particular ethnic cuisine. But food books have often a wider spectrum than simply teaching you about a local cuisine’s main food: they might go beyond the realm of non-fiction, to provide readers with an overall literature-worthy take on food as experience and lifestyle

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Food books for christmas
12 Food Books For Christmas 2020
Wondering what to put under the tree for your favourite foodie this year? Then take a look at our line-up of the best food and cookbooks out this year, from chef memoirs to Michelin-star comfort food.
blank recipe book
Blank Recipe Book: Write your own Cookbook of Recipes
A chef’s blank recipe book is where she or he can write down every trial and error, with the goal of perfecting a recipe.
David Chang
David Chang's New Memoir: Eat a Peach
The groundbreaking chef has penned an intimate account of making it as a chef. Find out more.
Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End
Magnus Nilsson to tell all in Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End
When influential chef Magnus Nilsson decided to
Food Books to Get Your Teeth into this August
A roundup of some of the best food books to read this August.
Idi Amin
Hell's Kitchen: 'How to Feed a Dictator'
'How to Feed a Dictator', by Witold Szablowski, explores the careers of five chefs who cooked for five of the world's most notorious dictators.
Entangled Life Book Cover
Author Eats Mushrooms Grown in Own Book About Mushrooms
Merlin Sheldrake, devours mushrooms sprouting out of the pages of his new book which explores the hidden universe of fungi "Entangled Life."
Credit: What is Cooking by Ferran Adrià and the elBullifoundation is published by Phaidon
Inside Ferran Adrià's Compelling New Book: What is Cooking
The legendary Spanish chef's new book explores the essence of cooking in characteristic Ferran style, from why we cook to the culture of food.
Rage Baking
Rage Baking: Enacting Change Through the Power of Flour
We spoke to rage bakers Kathy Gunst and Katherine Alford about their new book and the powerful role of baking in politics, history and women's lives.
The Irish Cookbook
The Lay of the Land - JP McMahon's The Irish Cookbook
The Irish Cookbook is JP McMahon's exploration into what food in Ireland was, how it was used, how it was not and, ultimately, what Irish food can be.