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Food Books

Food books are not just for the most passionate cook, but they are a great source of information and entertainment for anyone that loves food.

The books currently available in the market range from Italian cook books to healthy food books, depicting the multiple different ingredients of a healthy lifestyle or a particular ethnic cuisine. But food books have often a wider spectrum than simply teaching you about a local cuisine’s main food: they might go beyond the realm of non-fiction, to provide readers with an overall literature-worthy take on food as experience and lifestyle

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Today's Special
Today's Special: Chef Conversations with Hugh Acheson, Mei Lin and Flynn McGarry
Presented by Phaidon and S.Pellegrino, 'Today's Special: Chef Conversations' features Hugh Acheson, Mei Lin and Flynn McGarry.
A Brush with Excellence: Author Andrea Fazzari on Japan's Sushi Shokunin
In Andrea Fazzari's book 'Sushi Shokunin: Japan's Culinary Masters', the pursuit of unattainable perfection leads Japan's sushi masters, or shokunin, on a path of dedication, cultural expression and meaning. Paul Feinstein spoke to the author about the project, and about what it means to be a shokunin.
Jew-Ish book cover
A Look Inside 'Jew-ish: Reinvented Recipes From a Modern Mensch' + Recipes
Jake Cohen has a debut cookbook out with over 100 recipes re-inventing Jewish classics. Take a look inside, plus discover his recipes for matzo ball soup and chocolate babka.
Chef Launches Free Cookbook for Covid Taste-Loss
Chef Ryan Riley has developed a free cookbook for those who have lost their sense of taste and smell due to Covid.
The Best Food Books for 2021
2021 is proving to be a vintage year for cookbooks, so here is a list of the best being published. Take a look.
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz Presents The Food of Oaxaca
The Food of Oaxaca: Recipes and Stories from Mexico's Culinary Capital by chef Alejandro Ruiz explores the food traditions and recipes of Mexico's culinary capital.
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci's New Book - 'Taste: My Life Through Food'
The US actor and food obsessive has a new memoir out in October, exploring a life lived through food.
Ferran Adria_The Origins of Cooking
Ferran Adrià's New Book Ponders 'The Origins of Cooking'
The culinary mastermind has released a fascinating new book exploring four phases of the origins of food, starting with the Palaeolithic era. Take a look inside.
Food books for christmas
12 Food Books For Christmas 2020
Wondering what to put under the tree for your favourite foodie this year? Then take a look at our line-up of the best food and cookbooks out this year, from chef memoirs to Michelin-star comfort food.
blank recipe book
Blank Recipe Book: Write your own Cookbook of Recipes
A chef’s blank recipe book is where she or he can write down every trial and error, with the goal of perfecting a recipe.