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Apulian Style Sea Bream recipe from Andrea Miacola

Zero Waste: Apulian-Style Sea Bream

Leftover potato skins, cheese crusts and sea bream bones are given a new lease of life in a classic Apulian-style sea bream dish.

19 October, 2022
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serves for



Sea Bream
500 g
Garlic cloves
Cheese leftovers
35 g
Extra virgin olive oil

We invited chefs from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy to create recipes using leftover ingredients from preparation. The recipes we have collected are to help you fight waste at home and, more importantly, to inspire you to create something delicious with food that would normally be thrown away. 

Andrea Miacola, chef from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, reimagines a classic Apulia recipe using leftovers.

Step 01

Start by scaling the fish, and removing the contents in its belly.

With a knife, remove the wings of the fish and the head, so it is easier to fillet.

Fillet the fish with a sharp knife, leaving the freshest and most compact flesh.

Use tweezers to remove the thorns in the central part of the fillets.

Step 02

Apulian-style sea bream sauce using the trimmings

Start with the potato skins, they can be really tasty. Bake the skins in the oven 338° F, until golden and set aside when ready.

To make the Apulian sauce, we need the cheese crust and the sea bream. 

Use all the cheese trimmings you have in the fridge, the crusts elevate the cheese flavour and give a lovely crispiness to the dish.

Bake them at the same temperature until the cheese crusts are golden and dry, this will ensure the stock will be clean and clear. Set aside when ready. 


Step 03

Seasoning the sea bream

You will need fresh parsley and good fresh garlic. I love to put aromatic herbs between the fillets, to protect the green flavour, and to ensure they don’t burn.

Chop the parsley and garlic finely, and season the fillets.


Step 04

Slice the potato and boil in water for a few minutes until soft. We do this because sea bream fillets cook faster without bones, so by pre-cooking the potato in water, the fish can be cooked quickly so the fillets stay juicier. 

Prepare the first layer, in a circle shape with the boiled potato, sliced.

Put the sea bream fillets all together, one over the other, with seasoning in the middle.

Cover with more boiled potato slices, and grate over some caciocavallo cheese (the stock is full of cheese flavour, so this is just to make the surface crispy), some cured olives (I use my own, preserved for one year in salt and vinegar), and some stock made with all the fish bones and trimmings (head and tail).

The collagen from the stock makes the fish softer and prevents it from drying or becoming overcooked. Bake at 180 F for 20 minutes.

Step 05

Leave outside the oven to rest for 10 minutes so the fish soaks up all the flavour from the sauce.

Step 06

Final touch:

The result will have an incredible flavour, and the final touch is to add freshness with a small aromatic salad. Use the leaves to wipe up the sauce left in the pot, and arrange them on the side of the dish. To complete the plate, finish with a drizzle of good, fresh extra virgin olive oil.


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