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Lamb Shoulder With Wild Rice Pudding

Lamb Shoulder With Wild Rice Pudding

How to cook lamb shoulder with a wild rice pudding, a winter recipe by Julia Ziegler Haynes from Dinner Bell supper club in New York

30 March, 2012
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Season & Occasion

serves for


total time

4 HR 40 MIN


Lamb shoulder
1,8 kg, trimmed and cubed
4 each
4 each
2 each, large
Red wine
625 ml
Apple cider
750 ml
2 leaves
4 sprigs
To taste
to taste
Wild mushrooms
115 g
50 ml
60 g
227,5 g, cut into batons
Olive oil
60 ml
3 cloves
Wild rice
380 g
Chicken stock
1 l
Olive oil
45 ml
500 ml, warmed
3 cloves, crushed


Lamb shoulder
In a hot skillet, cook the bacon until lightly browned.
Remove the bacon and heat 15 ml of the olive oil at a time and in stages, sear the meat until brown on all sides.
Remove the meat and set aside.
Chop vegetables into 1,25 cm pieces and leeks into thin circles.
Using the fat of the meat, caramelize the vegetables in the skillet, then add herbs.
In a large oven proof pot with a lid (preferably cast iron), place the vegetables and herbs and add the seared lamb and bacon.
Pour in the wine and cider until meat is nearly fully covered and bring to a heavy simmer.
Cover with tin foil, then the pot lid and place in a 150°C oven and cook for 4 hours, checking periodically to make sure it is not drying out (if it is, add a little watered down cider).
Remove from the oven and check that meat is very tender and if it is ready, leave on the stove top to rest for at least 30 minutes, but it is best if it cools overnight and then is reheated the next day.
Serve piping hot over wild rice pudding.

Wild rice pudding
Warm olive oil in a big pot with a lid and toss in garlic cloves, stir to coat.
Add rice and cook in oil until fully coated in oil and lightly toasted.
Add broth and bring to a boil. You can use vegetable broth or water instead of chicken broth, if you prefer.
Turn heat down to the lowest setting and cover with lid and cook for 50 minutes.
Fluff with fork and let rest for 15 minutes.
In a food processor or blender add batches of rice and some of the milk and process/blend until pureed.
Leave a little less than half of the rice unblended and mix with the puree.
Season to taste.

Top lamb with julienned celery root and parsley leaves that are tossed with olive oil, lemon and salt.

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