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Korean Beef Soup With Onion And Ginger

Korean Beef Soup With Onion And Ginger

Tasty Korean food recipe for a beef soup with ginger and onion

30 March, 2012
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Type of dish


serves for


total time

0 HR 25 MIN


Beef Steak
140 g
3 each
1 clove
Soy Sauce
20 ml
Sesame Seed Paste
5 g
Ginger Root
1 piece
Vegetable stock
1 l
Extra virgin olive oil
To taste
Black pepper
To taste


Cut the beef steak into little cubes, not too thick.

Slice the spring onions into rounds.

In a pot with a little oil, toast the garlic and add the beef.

After a few minutes, add the soy sauce, the sesame paste and the pepper.

Add a ladle of vegetable broth (or water), and cook over 5 minutes over a medium flame, and keep adding ladles of broth as you cook.

A few minutes before removing from heat, at the thinly sliced onions, they should remain crunchy.

Before serving, tepid, grate a bit of fresh ginger on each portion.

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