Greffeuille “AAA” Lamb

Greffeuille “AAA” Lamb

Greffeuille “AAA” Lamb

An exclusive lamb recipe by Antimo Merone, chef at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana restaurant: the lamb rack and loin is served with artichoke purée and natural jus.

November 11, 2015

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total time

6 HR 0 MIN


For the Lamb
Trim the rack; debone the loin, remove the excess of fat and roll it into its own fat, use a butcher wide to shape it into a roll. Sear the loin with aromatic herbs and sous vide, cook for 25 min at 60°C, cool down in ice bath.

For the Artichoke Purée
Clean the artichokes, cut in 4 and keep it in water with ascorbic acid to prevent oxidation. Cut in small cubes all the vegetables and let it stew slowly, add the artichokes and roast all together. In a thermomix blend the artichokes adding chicken stock and extra virgin olive oil until right texture.

For the Roasted Vegetables
Cut the baby endive in half, roast with butter and thyme, add the orange juice and glaze. Clean the carrot and slow roast in olive oil and garlic.

For the Lamb Jus
Oven roast the lamb shank and the trimmings from the loin and the rack. Stew all the vegetables, add red wine and reduce; add the lamb and the herbs, cover with water, let the brown stock boil slowly for 3 hours. Discard meat and vegetables, remove the fat excess, reduce until right texture.

Finishing Touches
Season with generous salt and pepper the lamb.Roast the loin and the rack and cut into the desired portion. Warm up the puree and serve. Serve the lamb on a spoonfu of jus and the roasted vegetables.

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