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Cauliflower, Passion fruit, Peanut

Cauliflower, Passion Fruit and Peanut by Manu Buffara

Manu Buffara: "Cauliflower is one of those foods that can create feelings of love and hate. There are those who love it and those who hate it. For me to cook it and reach perfect simplicity was one of my biggest victories in 2018. The combination of the steam I used to cook it, the passion fruit that brings me the acidity present in my childhood memory and the peanut that combines its fat and creaminess. I have a love affair with acidity, this dish brings a smile to my soul. Thank you, cauliflower."

Manu Buffara, of Manu (Brazil), created the cauliflower dish that has been served by chef Diego Oka of La Mar (Miami).

03 September, 2021
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serves for



50 g
1 (Organic, small)
150 ml
Fried Milk
300 g
150 g (Cut into chunks)
Whole milk
250 g
Passion fruit
110 g (Juice and Seeds)
Noisette butter
100 g
Whole milk
120 g
Heavy cream
50 g
Peanuts Foam
300 g (peeled and lightly toasted)
Whole milk
350 g
Heavy cream
200 g
Rice vinegar
50 g
1 pinch

Step 01


Bring the butter to a boil. Add the whole cauliflower, sear all the parts, and then pour in the water. Cover with a pan lid and let it cook completely, for 18 minutes (use a pan with a lid that fits well). During cooking, add more water if needed. Let cool and then make portions (one flower per person).

Step 02

Fried milk

Make a cauliflower butter. Bring the butter to the boil and add cauliflower. Let it cook at a low temperature for one hour. Drain. Bring the cauliflower butter (185 g) to the boil again (use a 'tall' pan) and boil the milk (it will emerge). Add passion fruit, blend for 5 minutes and let rest. 

Step 03


Bring the noisette butter to the boil. Boil the milk and the heavy cream (just like the part 1). Let it boil for 3 minutes. Blend until smooth. Now, add the passion fruit mixture and blend it again for 10 minutes until homogenised.

Step 04

Peanuts foam

Blend peanuts and milk until you get a homogeneous paste. Pass through a tamis. Bring this mixture to a simmer lightly and add heavy cream. Remove from heat and add rice vinegar and salt. Blend with a mixer, pass through a tamis again and put in a siphon bottle with two charges. Let it cool for two hours in a fridge. 

Step 05


In a pan, heat the cauliflower liquid, add the cauliflower and grill it. In a bowl, put the passion fruit milk, and add the cauliflower in the middle. Cover with the cauliflower liquid. Put the peanut foam next to the cauliflower and add some salty crumble.

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