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a dish of grilled halves of peaches topped off with ice cream

Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream

A simple and light summer dessert. Find out how to prepare grilled peaches with a side of ice cream: here is the recipe on Fine Dining Lovers.

27 July, 2022
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serves for



4 firm, ripe nectarines
1 knob of butter
Vanilla Ice Cream
200 g
Acacia Honey
2 tablespoons

Peaches are the fruit of the summer. Juicy and sweet, not only are they perfect for a healthy snack, but they are also excellent in savoury dishes, such as a salad with rocket, feta and cherry tomatoes.

Peaches are ideal for adding a sweet note at the end of a meal, but to make them even tastier, you can grill them and accompany them with ice cream. Preparing grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream is really easy, you just have to be careful to choose the right fruit, which in this recipe means selecting peaches that are firm and ripe but not bruised.

Firm-fleshed peaches such as nectarines or white-fleshed peaches are preferable because they are more compact and suitable for cooking. There is no need to turn on the barbecue to prepare grilled peaches, all you need is a grill pan or a simple non-stick pan. With the latter, you will lose the visual effect of the signs of the grid - take this into account if you want to amaze your guests.

Here are the steps to prepare grilled peaches.


Step 01

halved peaches on a grilling pan

Thoroughly wash and dry the peaches. You won't need to peel them for this recipe. In this way you will take advantage of all the nutrients in the peel and you will not create waste.

Carefully slice the peaches in half. Remove the stone and brush the parts of the pulp with a layer of butter. This step will allow the peaches not to stick to the grill and will give them an even more delicious flavour.

Step 02

charred peach halves

Heat the grill and when it is at a high temperature, place the peaches with the cut in contact with the pan. Let the peaches cook for a few minutes, until the dark grill marks form, it won't take long.

Step 03

peach halves arranged on a dish and topped with ice cream

Arrange the peaches on a serving dish and flavour them with honey. Don't forget to serve them with vanilla ice cream or your favourite flavour.



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