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Fall Recipes

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Fall is in the air! It’s easy to see why this is so many people’s favorite season. The leaves in the trees are changing to festive orange, reds, and yellows, turning every simple walk in the park to a painting out of the impressionist era.

A slight chill is wafting through the air, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s hoodie season! Time to bust out all your old coats, scarfs, and gloves—time to get cozy! Come to think of it, there’s another thing wafting through the air: the smell of fresh-baked apple pie!

Yes, the characteristic tastes and sounds of fall are certainly one of the biggest reasons people have for loving the autumnal time of year. But we’re talking about so, so much more than pumpkin spice lattes. There are so many lovely seasonal vegetables this time of year! Pumpkins, squash, apples, all kinds of brassicas (the vegetable family that includes brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and more), cranberries, pears, and more are all bursting into perfect ripeness, not to mention that it’s often possible to find delicious examples of late summer vegetables as well.

In fact, it makes sense to have a holiday like Thanksgiving right in the middle of autumn. Traditionally, it’s right after harvest time, and the larder, as it were, will never be more full than this moment, so it makes sense to have a big feast to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the long, cold winter. That’s why Thanksgiving is so popular in the United States—people feel like they deserve it! We’ve assembled some of our favorite autumnal recipes here for you—give them a shot!

How to roast (acorn) squash

Roasting squash is pretty much Fall Food 101—really basic stuff. If you’re not already a squash fan, listen up: squash is one of the best things to keep around the house this time of year. They’re delicious and convenient, take absolutely forever to go bad, and best of all, everyone likes them. Another benefit is that once you know how to cook one squash, you pretty much know how to cook them all: these things aren’t that complicated. We’ve written this recipe specifically for acorn squash, but the same basic principles apply to just about any squash you’re going to cook: pumpkin, butternut, you name it. Learn how to make this simple Autumn side dish today! Try mixing up the seasonings—squash pairs well with ginger and turmeric as well as the “traditional” autumn flavors. Our recommendation? Some butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese will change this basic vegetable into a delicious main course.

Pumpkin risotto with sage recipe

It’s true that there is more to food in the fall than pumpkin spice lattes. That’s why we recommend this pumpkin spice risotto! Relax—we’re joking, sort of. This risotto is actually quite traditional, and now that you know how to roast squash, it will come together in a flash. It only requires a few ingredients and comes together in a flash! Sage and pumpkin are a classic Autumn combo: the herbal earthiness of the sage complements the pumpkin’s sweetness perfectly. A bit of parmesan rounds out this extremely simple, straightforward, and seasonal meal. Try this perfect autumnal pumpkin risotto anytime you need a healthy, simple, and warming dinner!

Red cabbage, apple, and hazelnut salad recipe

Though Autumn foods aren’t always considered to be light and fresh tasting, but this one couldn’t be moreso! This simple autumnal coleslaw-style salad is as fresh as can be. Shredded red cabbage is mixed with slices of sour-sweet granny smith apples and chunky hazelnuts. Dress it in a simple vinaigrette, let it sit for a moment, and you’re done! This crunchy, tangy red cabbage, hazelnut, and apple salad is great as a side dish for the other heavier, richer dishes that fall are famous for.

Sweet corn soup with chili recipe

One of the underrated bounties of late summer and fall is the proliferation of delicious sweet corn. When fresh, this vegetable is juicy and just pops with summertime sweetness. We like to throw sweet corn on the grill during the summer, but once there’s a chill in the air, sweet corn makes one of the tastiest soups you can imagine. Add some milk for creaminess and chili for a bit of spice, and you’ve got yourself one of the most warming and nourishing soups imaginable.

Apple cinnamon mug cake recipe

What would a fall recipes list be without apple pie? But watch out—this isn’t your grandma’s apple pie! These apple cinnamon mug cakes come together in a flash right in the microwave, so they’re perfect for an impromptu midnight snack—perfect for enjoying straight out of the mug in front of some Netflix. Just mix the ingredients together and toss it in the microwave! A couple of minutes later, you’re enjoying your very own personal-sized apple cinnamon mug cake!

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