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Vesper Cocktail

How to Make The Vesper: The Cocktail with a Twist

Here is an example of a classic with a twist that can rival the original Martini. This is the story of the Vesper cocktail, based on gin and vodka, and here is the recipe.

18 February, 2021
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

0 HR 5 MIN


1.5 Oz
0.5 Oz
Lillet blanc
0.25 Oz
For the Garnish
Candied lemon zest
1 Slice



Cocktail cup


Shake and double strain

Step 01


To prepare the Vesper cocktail, cool the glass in the freezer.

Step 02


Also, cool the shaker by filling it with ice, then empty it and proceed with the preparation.

Step 03


Measure and pour the gin into the shaker.

Step 04


Measure and pour the vodka into the shaker.

Step 05


Measure and pour the Lillet Blanc into the shaker.

Step 06


Fill the shaker with ice up to 3/4 of its capacity. Close it with the cap and shake vigorously until all the metal parts of the shaker are completely cooled and covered with condensation. Take the cup out of the freezer.

Step 07


Open the shaker. Pour the cocktail into the cooled cup, filtering it with a colander (double strain).

Step 08


With a potato peeler, shave off the lemon zest. Twist it over the glass to squeeze the essential oils into the cocktail. Garnish the cocktail with the zest and serve.


The Vesper is a variation of the Martini cocktail, and was invented by the writer Ian Fleming in the 1953 novel Casino Royale, in which secret agent James Bond names the cocktail in honour of Vesper Lynd, with whom he was in love. The famous character orders a Martini cocktail "shaken, not stirred". And so, from the pen of this great writer, the James Bond cocktail was born. The Vesper was scandalised at the time, because it was considered a desecration of the Martini, not so much for the addition of vodka, but precisely for the fact that the cocktail had to be shaken. A twist unthinkable at the time. And this is the great difference that makes it unique and inimitable, and so different from the original.


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