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E4: Yankee Goes Gumbo

E4: Yankee Goes Gumbo
The Digest Ep 4: Yankee Goes Gumbo
This is a look at history, society, culture and tradition all through the eyes of a dish. A dish loved and adopted, nurtured and developed by generations. A dish with different timelines, different things added to the pot, but a dish that distinctly defines its area.

Grashina Gabelmann is writer and editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine. Her explorations and work around the world led to a natural affinity with the city of New Orleans, where she met Alec, an adopted son of the Big Easy and a self-taught, passionate expert of its defining dish, gumbo. Alec told her about gumbo, his love affair with the dish, and why he always takes his roux right to the edge.
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