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In New York you can taste the world. Cuisines from every country dot the city, and in the most unexpected places, like small corners, grand hotels, and even train stations. For those who prefer a liquid diet, New York has a history of inventing epic drink experiences, from classic cocktails to secret whiskey libraries. Eataly and Dean & Deluca markets have long dominated the food shopping scene, but the Spanish are taking over with Mercado, Little Spain, a project by three Spanish culinary legends, José Andrés , Albert Adrià and Ferran Adrià .

Eating in New York means juicy steak and dripping pizza to some, and bagels and lox with diner coffee to others. A city of extremes, you can find a $2000 cocktail or use an app to find all the $1 dishes available for delivery in all of New York. However you envision your ultimate New York dining experience one thing is for sure: everything is possible.

Sustainability extends to the bar. Besides the war on plastic straws, the mindset of New York’s environmentally conscious bartenders means drink menus full of sustainably produced spirits,
non-alcoholic drink specialities, and unusual mixers like tea are making a splash.

There’s little space in the Big Apple and now New York’s community mindfulness has led to innovative ways to eat and drink socially. Luxury and professional co-working and co-living spaces have redefined single living, dining, and drinking, like the Assemblage which has Elixir bars in every location.

Lani Halliday Maison Yaki
Lani Halliday: Baking Outside The Lines
Meet Lani Halliday, a baker from Brooklyn who champions the idea of inclusive cuisine. She will take over Maison Yaki in Brooklyn for two weeks with a concept she calls "baking outside the lines".
Maison Yaki
Chef Greg Baxtrom Offers Restaurant to Aspiring Black Entrepreneurs
Chef Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted in Brooklyn has offered his Maison Yaki restaurant to aspiring black entrepreneurs to springboard their career.
Marcus Samuelsson Red Rooster
Marcus Samuelsson: "Racism is Bigger than the Pandemic"
Marcus Samuelsson opens up about making Harlem his home, the cornavirus pandemic, serving 30,000 meals with WCK and ingrained racism.
Times Square Dark
Times Square Goes Dark in Support of Restaurants
Times Square went dark temporarily in support of restaurants in danger of going dark permanently.
Dan Barber
Replanting a Movement: Dan Barber’s Kitchen Farming Project
As the coronavirus lockdown continues to hit the food and restaurant industries hard, The Kitchen Farming Project is Blue Hill chef Dan Barber's latest initiative to keep the farm-to-table movement alive and kicking.
Sirio Maccioni
Sirio Maccioni, owner of iconic Le Cirque, has passed away
Owner and Maitre d of the iconic restaurant Le Cirque has passed away at the age of 88.
Doomsday Dinner Party
A Doomsday Dinner Party for The Strangest of Times
A Doomsday Dinner Party gives guests the chance to make the most of their takeout from Ardyn restaurant in New York, during the coronavirus crisis.
Advice for Restaurants When They Reopen
Bo Peabody of restaurant reservation platform Seated shares some advice for restaurants during the coronavirus crisis
Olmsted staff
Galvanizing the Industry: Olmsted Opens as Community Food Bank
The New York Hospitality Coalition is forming a community from the fractured service industry to try and chart a way out of the coronavirus crisis together.
Join the New York Coalition Campaigning for Disaster Relief for Restaurants
Sign the petition by New York Hospitality Coalition for NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo to suspend sales tax until the State of Emergency ends.
Grand Central Terminal Dinner
Fancy a Michelin Star Valentine’s Day Meal at Grand Central Terminal?
Grand Central Terminal is giving one lucky couple the chance to win a "once-in-a-lifetime" dinner for two under their famous constellations for Valentine's Day.
Scabby and Salt Bae
Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant Picketed by a Giant Salt-Sprinkling Rat
Scabby, a giant inflatable rat paid a visit to Salt Bae's restaurant in NYC to highlight the use of non-union labour in the construction of his second New York restaurant.