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Iconic Parisian Food Store Fronts

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Iconic Parisian Food Store Fronts

Paris is the bastion of style, art, food and culture, and it takes just a walk around some of the historic streets to discover that this is a city where the famous French 'je ne sais quoi' translates across the city, right down to the historic shop fronts.

Walking through Paris' bourgeoise streets is a perfect place to get a taste of the city particularly while admiring the city's spectacular food offering in some indulgent window shopping.  Not only gazing longingly at the freshly baked baguettes, or pastel macarons, but marvelling at the ornate shop fronts that elegantly frame the beautiful displays within.

Sebastian Erras, a German-born photographer has captured the scene in a series entitled 'Paris shop fronts' and the "story made by the people who put art and creativity at the core of their everyday life." He takes the extra step of looking photographing the shop keepers outside the shopfronts or in the doorway, which has the effect of personalising and humanising each of the photos.

From fish restaurants to centuries old chocolate shops his series captures the historic and beautifully opulent shop fronts, a far cry from the minimalistic approach of the current modern era. Erras urges us to take the time to look at their workshops, laboratories and boutiques that tell a different tale of the city. "Next time you go to Paris, take some time to delve into this world: you will not regret it"he says.

If you can't make it to Paris, here's a taster of his work below. Head over to BoredPanda for more.

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