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Francesco Mattucci’s Floating Food Photography

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Francesco Mattucci’s Floating Food Photography
Photo Kitchensuspension

At first glance Francesco Mattucci’s food photography looks quite straightforward, like he’s simply thrown some ingredients and utensils into the air and, perhaps, after several attempts got his timing just right. But look again and you see that’s far from possible: the angles are too perfect, the use of depth and perspective too acute.

Image: Kitchensuspension

Mattucci captures his extraordinary images in his kitchen in Modena, Italy and has named the project, which he shares via Instagram, Kitchensuspension. With nearly 20,000 followers the food photography project has even made it onto Instagram’s own illustrious feed. (Modena, is of course home to Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana, winner of The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016see the full list here).

Like any good conjurer Mattucci, who works in marketing, won’t reveal his secrets, though concedes that the majority of the work is done in post-production. “Every object that you see floating was captured in that exact spot,” he writes over on Bored Panda. “The Kitchensuspension project came to me by chance; for reasons of time, family, needs, the kitchen is the area that I live [in] the most. I thought about talking of a physical place, in a simple way, and making its basic daily purpose a set. But not a set where you cook, but where things that inhabit it, have a life of their own ... a place of their own, a place of entertainment, of course.”

Image: Kitchensuspension

See more of Mattucci’s amazing images over on Instagram.

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